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UV / UV Hybrid Epoxies

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EPO-TEK® UV Epoxies are your alternative to traditional oven cured optical products. They are fast curing and photo curable. These UV cure adhesives simplify the handling process by using a single component system. Our adhesives require no mixing, cure in seconds or minutes, and have an unlimited pot-life.

UV hybrid is a UV tacking post-thermal cure required adhesive solution. Our EPO-TEK® UV Hybrids are a cutting edge technology that allows for tacking, alignment, positioning, or flow control to occur in seconds of UV illumination. Parts can be batched and thermal cured in large groups enabling ease of processing while still offering reliability comparable to traditional thermal cure adhesives. Customers have used the our hybrid’s two step cure technology to reduce on-machine time from 30 minutes with a traditional thermal cure to 30 seconds with a hybrid while maintaining Telcordia level reliability.

EPO-TEK® UV adhesives are known in the industry and are used in fiber optics, PCB assembly and medical device applications

Our UV Epoxies are commonly used in:

  • Fiber Optic cables and patch cord
  • Fiber Splice and fiber optic components
  • Lens bonding
  • Photonics and Camera
  • Radiation detection and Sensors
EPO-TEK® HYB-353ND is a single component, high-temperature hybrid epoxy for semiconductor, fiber optics, and medical applications.

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