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Who We Are

Ask anyone in the electronics field, and chances are they will know the best place to find the answers to their epoxy adhesive questions… EPO-TEK®. That is not because we have over 300 commercial formulations available or that we can create custom formulations to your specific requirements. And, it’s not because we can deliver formulations from as little as one ounce to 1000kg. We can do all of that, of course.

But what really makes us different than others in our field is our unmatched EPO-TEK® Service Promise to you. That’s how we’ve kept many of our clients for years and how we attract new ones every day.

  • We provide you with easy access to as much information as you need,
  • We assist in finding the precise solution for your requirements,
  • We walk you through your project, one-on-one,
  • We stay with you until you’re satisfied,
  • We deliver on time and on budget with no surprises,
  • We’ll even follow up with you to make sure you’re still satisfied,
  • We stand behind our work.

How we got here

Frank W. Kulesza started Epoxy Technology in 1966 and pioneered the field of conductive adhesives to replace eutectic bonding in semiconductor chip packaging and assembly. As a result, Frank formulated some of the best known and most relied upon epoxy adhesives in the world. Many of his EPO-TEK® creations are still in use today.

Over the years, EPO-TEK® has created countless unique formulations to solve ever-increasing technological challenges for our clients. As the company grew, so did our proven experience and reputation in a variety of high-tech fields, such as aerospace and defense, automotive (and more recently electric vehicles), electronics, energy production, medical, optical, and telecom, to name a few.


In 2019, Arsenal Capital Partners brought Epoxy Technology (“ETI”) into the Meridian Adhesives Group, a portfolio of leading high-value adhesives manufacturers and custom formulators across a variety of industries. With that move, ETI became the anchor for the Meridian Group Electronics Division and partners with sister company Epoxies, Etc., a formulator of specialty epoxies, urethanes, silicones, and UV curable systems.

Growth for EPO-TEK® has continued on a worldwide scale with the acquisition of the adhesives division of John P. Kummer GmbH, AG and Ltd (JPK), along with FT  is a leading European distributor of specialty products for the electronic and medical markets. These new additions, Epoxy Technology Europe GmbH, Epoxy Technology Europe AG, and Epoxy Technology Europe Ltd., are only the latest chapter of our expansion.

What this means to you

The EPO-TEK® history of innovation and growth has tremendous benefits for clients of any size. Our know-how is a result of our heritage as an industry pioneer, our wide-ranging expertise as a category leader, our access to a depth of resources for research, chemistry and investment, and our reach as a global player.

We are pleased that you are considering EPO-TEK® as your resource for our specialty epoxies such as such as electrical, thermal, optical, medical, UV product offerings. Access our Product Finder to find one of our existing products that may be right for you. For the right formulation, no matter what …

We Bond With You at Epoxy Technology

THE EPO-TEK® mission

We bond with you by providing the best in inventoried and customized premium epoxy formulations, industry expertise,  high-value service and complete satisfaction. 

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