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Optical & Telecom

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The telecom industry is served predominantly by two technologies, namely RF/microwave and fiber optics.  EPO-TEK® materials are widely used in these assemblies. Microwave circuits require chip, substrate and package bonding and sealing using epoxy. Satellite communications or “sat-com” hardware includes antenna, transmitters, receivers, and connectors where conductive silver epoxy and dielectric materials are used. Fiber-optic cables and components use optical grade and UV cure epoxy for active optical alignment of the diodes, lens and waveguide substrates.  Whether telecom hardware is in outer space, below the ocean, or earth installation, EPO-TEK® is your best choice.

We have served the optical market since EPO-TEK® 301 was introduced in 1969. Our products encapsulate, coat, bond and seal plastics, crystals and glass together, for optical components, such as prisms, filters, and mirrors. Components fabricated with EPO-TEK® epoxy are the building blocks of camera, laser, telescope, spectrometer and fiber-optic circuitry.  In addition, they ruggedize and toughen LCD touch panels as the transparent adhesive for plastic lamination. Through liquid injection molding, our optical epoxies form the plastic cap over LEDs.  More recently, solar cells require our UV curing resin for harvesting sunlight, while providing watertight protection. EPO-TEK® serves industries such as lifestyle, military, medical, scientific and alternative energy every day and the applications of our optical adhesives are ubiquitous. 

When you bring your optical or telecom project to us, we have the right people to focus on your solution.  We utilize our experience and skill in the following applications:


  • Camera & Video
  • Fiber-Optics & Photonics
  • Laser
  • LED/ LCD/Lighting/ Display  
  • Sensors 
  • Solar/Photovoltaic 


  • Antenna
  • Fiber-Optics Cabling
  • Fiber-Optics Components
  • Microwave
  • Satellite Communication

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