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We know the drive it takes to win

We will not stop until we have the right solution for you. We help power the automotive industry, working with market leaders to develop cutting-edge technology. From die attach, to sensors, to potting, EPO-TEK® supplies a diverse array of products to major industry-leading automotive manufacturers and after-market suppliers.  Look to EPO-TEK® for thermal management and innovative products for even the most demanding applications in motor assemblies, batteries, fuel cells, navigation and sensors. 

Whether internal combustion or electric vehicle, at EPO-TEK® we bond with you on projects that span “bumper to bumper”, including: 

  • Sensors & Driver Assistance
  • EV Battery & Motor
  • Electric-vehicle Scheme
  • Glass & Mirror

Looking for a specific solution?

Try our online product finder to search through our available products according to your individual needs.

Bond with an EPO-TEK® specialist today for custom solutions that help you win. 

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