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We know how to make connections

Since our beginning back in 1966, we’ve practically defined the field of electronics. In fact, we pioneered silver filled epoxy. EPO-TEK® diversity of products touch almost every part of an electronics assembly. Common applications are focused around die attach and other surface mount devices (SMD) on a printed circuit board (PCB). That’s because we pioneered the field of conductive adhesives to replace eutectic bonding and soldering. In fact, many of our formulas from years ago are still in use today.

With our extensive line of adhesives, chances are you’ll find the one that’s right for you. Check out our Product Finder for a quick 7-Step Path. If not, one of our specialists can help you formulate the right solution for any of the following applications:

  • Battery Technology  
  • Cabling and Connectors  
  • Capacitors   
  • Hybrid & Hermetic Direct to PCB  
  • Life Sciences   
  • Membrane/ Haptic & Touch/ Keyboard   
  • Memory & Hard disk drive   
  • RFID/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth   
  • Power/ Motor/ Transformer/ Copper Coils/ Inductors/ Ferrites   
  • Printers/ Ink Jet   
  • Quartz Crystal Oscillators (QCO)  
  • Semiconductor 
    • Die Attach 
    • Flip Chip 
    • Glob Top/Encapsulation 
    • Plastic/ Leadframe  
    • Underfill 
  • Sensors  
  • Speaker/ Microphone  (Bullet) 
  • SMD and PCB Assembly   
  • Switch and Fuse   
  • Transformers  
  • Wearables   
  • White Goods and Appliances

Looking for a specific solution?

Try our online product finder to search through our available products according to your individual needs.

Bond with an EPO-TEK® specialist today for custom solutions that make the best connections. 

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