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Since 1966, we have understood the critical role high-value epoxies have played in making electronically dependent technology possible. But just as important to us is the high-value service you receive as a client of Epoxy Technology. Making sure that your epoxy formulations meet all of your requirements and to your complete satisfaction is why we’re here. And that is why we make the following promise to you:

  • We provide you with easy access to as much information you need.
    At Epoxy Technology, we pride ourselves in the depth of technical data resources we provide you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask.
  • We assist in finding the precise solution for your requirements.
    Chances are, we’ve been there before, so we’ll know how to help you find the right solution, quickly.
  • We walk you through your project, one-on-one.
    Epoxies can be unknown territory, for even the most seasoned engineers. That’s why we will brief you on the solution we recommend with as much detail as you require.
  • We stay with you until you’re satisfied.
    Our ultimate goal is to bond with you as a client, so our aim is not a quick sale, but a long-time satisfied customer.
  • We deliver on time and on budget with no surprises.
    We provide you with a detailed quote before any work is performed, in writing, and we stick to it unless you change the project parameters.
  • We’ll even follow up with you to make sure you’re still satisfied.
    Don’t be surprised to get a follow up call or an email. Your continued satisfaction is what we care most about.
  • We stand behind our work.
    At EPO-TEK®, it doesn’t ship to you unless it’s right. Period.

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