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aerospace & Defense

we know the sky is never the limit

Incredible advancements in aerospace and defense applications require electronics systems with the performance and reliability to take your plans to new heights. EPO-TEK®offers a wide variety of micro-electronic grade epoxy adhesives, which conform to the requirements of NASA Low Outgassing ASTME595 and MIL-STD 883 are ionically clean and high strength. EPO-TEK® products are used in hermetically packaged applications such as chip bonding or substrate attach, dielectric and isolation and package sealing.  For applications that absolutely cannot fail, such as those  found in microwave communications, radar, missiles, cockpit and engine controls and sensors, EPO-TEK® has your solution.

EPO-TEK® has proven experience that has bonded our client’s concepts to successful implementation in a variety of aerospace and defense fields, such as:

  • Microwave & RF  
  • Radar  
  • Navigation & Sensors  
  • Power Supplies  

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