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(Billerica, MA) – February 4, 2020 – Epoxy Technology Inc, a leading global manufacturer of high performance specialty epoxy, UV & Hybrid adhesives for 50+ years is pleased to announce the addition of two new MED line adhesive products: MED-OG198-55 and MED-730-110 to its comprehensive line of medical device grade adhesives. 

All 25 EPO-TEK® MED line adhesives have successfully undergone ISO10993-5 Cytotoxicity testing, an excellent screening test for biocompatibility. Additionally, 9 products have undergone extensive additional testing passing ISO 10993-4,5,6,10,11 testing. 

Our newest MED line products – MED-OG198-55 and MED-730-110, have unique properties, which may be helpful in critical design challenges. 

MED-OG198-55 is a special cationic-based, translucent, highly thixotropic gel with significant UV shadow curing capabilities and enhanced performance when thermally post cured. Our product is especially useful in microfluidic designs, where its thixotropic nature helps to prevent flow to specified areas. It is used in staking electrical and optical components, reinforcement, feed through and sealing selected areas in drug delivery products. 

MED-730-110 is an easy to use (1:1 mix ratio, dual cartridge packaging), structural adhesive, with low or room temperature curing capability. It has excellent adhesion to plastics, catheter tubing and many known difficult to bond materials, especially PEBAX®

Joan Bramer, Global Director of Sales & Marketing said, “We, at Epoxy Technology, Inc., are pleased to further expand our line of specialty MED adhesives for medical device manufacturers and remain dedicated to the highest quality manufacturing and testing of our products”. 

To learn more about our MED line of products, or to find a listing of our authorized distributors, visit our website at, email at or contact us directly at +1 978-667-3805.  

About Epoxy Technology 

Epoxy Technology, Inc., a division of the Meridian Adhesive Group, and founded in 1966, is a pioneer in the development of specialty epoxies, polymers, UVs and UV Hybrids to meet the critical performance standards of high-tech industries worldwide. EPO-TEK®® is a valued supply partner to advance industries including: semiconductor and microelectronic, medical device, military, automotive, optical, & aerospace 

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