EPO-TEK® Glossary Of Terms


F Fahrenheit
Measure of temperature where water freezes at 32' and boils at 212'.
The temporary or permanent functional impairment of a component or device caused by physical, mechanical, chemical, or electrical damage.
Failure Rate
The number of failures of a device per unit of time.
Failure, Adhesive
The failure at the bond line between substrates and an adhesive; the adhesive separating entirely from the substrate.
Failure, Cohesive
Failure within the adhesive under a stress, resulting in a broken bond with all adhered surfaces still covered with adhesive.
Failure, Substrate
The failure of the substrate material itself, upon subjecting bonded adhered surfaces to a stress.
Faraday Effect
A phenomenon that causes some materials to rotate the polarization of light in the presence of a magnetic field parallel to the direction of propagation. Also called magneto-optic effect.
A rigid tube that confines or holds a fiber as part of a connector assembly.
Fiber Bundle
refers to the collection of individual fibers that supply light to the fixture. These fibers are held together and protected by the sheathing.
Fiber Optic Cable
A cable containing one or more optical fibers.
Fiber Optic Gyroscope
A coil of optical fiber that can detect rotation about its axis.
Fiber Optic Test Procedure
(FOTP) Standards developed and published by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) under the EIA-RS-455 series of standards.
( variously "fiber optic," "fibre optic" (England), and "fiberoptic,") refers to the conduction of light waves through materials of exceptional clarity and across long distances. FiberOptics demonstrate total internal reflection by combining like materials of differing indices of refraction.
A substance, often inert, added to a system to improve properties and/or decrease cost.
Filler Materials
Ceramic or metallic particles used to modify the properties of polymers.
Fine Pitch
Surface mount components with a lead pitch of at least 50 mils. Fine pitch is more commonly used to refer to components with a lead pitch of 25 mils or less. These packages usually require vision assistance for accurate placement.
Small globular mass which has not blended completely into the surrounding material and is particularly evident in a transparent or translucent material.
Rate Number of device failures in one billion device hours.
Flame Retardance
The ability of an epoxy system to resist combustion or burning. Some materials tend to extinguish themselves when subjected to a flame. Such materials are classified as self-extinguishing. ASTM D790-63.
Flash Point
The temperature at which the material gives off flammable vapor in sufficient quantity to ignite momentarily on the application of a flame under specified conditions.
Flex Circuits
Flexible printed circuit boards made using thin polyimide or polyester film with copper circuitry on one or both sides of the flex. Flex circuits can be single or multilayer.
Flexural Modulus
The ratio, within the elastic limit, of flexural stress to the corresponding strain. It is expressed in pounds per square inch. ASTM D790-63.
Flexural Strength
Ability of a material to withstand failure due to bending.
Flip Chip
Any packaging scheme in which the active circuitry of an IC is placed facing the surface of the substrate. Examples are flip TAB and C-4.
Movement of the epoxy during the curing stages before completely cured.
Foot Length
The part of the component lead that comes in contact with the bonding pad on the substrate.
Forced Drying Temperatures
A temperature between room temperature and 150¡F.(65¡C).
See fiber optic test procedure.
Functional Test
The electrical testing of an entire assembly that simulates the intended function of the product.
Fused Coupler
A method of making a multimode or single-mode coupler by wrapping fibers together, heating them, and pulling them to form a central unified mass so that light on any input fiber is coupled to all output fibers.
Fused Fiber
A bundle of fibers fused together so they maintain a fixed alignment with respect to each other in a rigid rod.
Capable of being melted or fused together by melting.
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