EPO-TEK® Glossary Of Terms


Decibels relative to milliwatt.
Decibels relative to microwatt.
Direct current.
Decibel (dB)
A unit of measurement indicating relative optic power on a logarithmic scale. Often expressed in reference to a fixed value, such as dBm (1 milliwatt) or dBA (1 microwatt).
Any nonconformance to specified requirements by a unit or product.
Deionized Water
Water that has been treated to remove ionized material.
A separation between plies within the base material, or between the base material and the conductive foil, or both.
Dendritic Growth
The metallic growth between pads in the presence of moisture and an electrical bias.
The weight of a material in relationship to its volume.
Dewetting occurs when molten solder has coated a surface and then receded, leaving mounds of solder that are irregularly shaped and are separated by areas covered with a thin solder film.
Integrated circuit chip as diced or cut from the finished wafer.
Die Bonder
The placement machine for chips in a chip-on-board process line.
Die Bonding
The attachment of an integrated circuit chip to a substrate.
Nonconducting material used to encapsulate circuitry and in the manufacture of capacitors and printed circuit boards.
Dielectric Constant
When electrical energy is applied in a circuit, the insulating material of the electrical charge and releases it when the current is broken. Capacitance is the ratio of charge absorbed to the potential (voltage applied). Dielectric Constance is the ratio of an insulator's capacitance to that of dry air. (1.0). A dielectric constant of 5 means an insulator will absorb 5 times more electrical energy than air.
Dielectric Strength
The voltage which an insulating material can withstand before breakdown occurs, expressed in volts per Mil.
Diffraction Grating
An array of fine, parallel, equally spaced reflecting or transmitting lines that mutually enhance the effects of diffraction to concentrate the diffracted light in a few directions determined by the spacing of the lines and by the wavelength of the light.
A material transport phenomena that occurs in solids, and is caused by the continual physical motion of atoms from one position to another. This results in the flow of material from regions of high concentraion to regions of low concentration.
Fluid characterized by an increase in viscosity with an increasing shear rate.
A reactive or non-reactive additive whose primary function is to lower the viscosity and extend the material to which it was added.
An electronic device that lets current flow in only one direction. Semiconductor diodes used in fiber optics contain a junction between regions of different doping. They include light emitters (LED's and laser diodes) and detectors (photodiodes).
Direct Chip Attach (DCA)
A chip-to-substrate connection intended to reduce the first level of packaging. Here, the silicon die is inverted and mounted directly to the PCB. Also referred to as chip-on-board technology.
Direct Chip Attach Module (DCAM)
A component type developed by IBM¨ consisting of a small substrate with flip chips attached using the DCA process. This small substrate, or module, is now a component with solder pads on the bottom side that can be mounted to a board using conventional surface mount processes.
Any change from an initial color possessed by a material, either due to environmental or internal conditions.
Dispensing Supplies
Medium used to apply epoxy to pieces or units. Squeeze bottles, syringes, needles, and meter mix equipment are all examples.
Organic and inorganic phosphates and polymers used in aqueous cleaning to assist in the removal of insoluble particles.
Dissipation Factor
The measure of electrical energy absorbed and lost in the insulating material when energy is applied in a circuit. 20-3060 has a dissipation factor of .01. This means that .01% of the energy being stored (capacitance) is lost. Dissipation factor is the ratio of the resistive component of a capacitor to the capacitive reactance of the capacitor. Also referred to as Loss Tangent. ASTM D150-59T.
Dry Film Photoresist
Solid photoresist applied to a surface by lamination of prefabricated film.
Dual In-Line Package (DIP)
A package with two rows of leads extending at right angles from the base with standard spacing between the leads and row. This package is intended for through hole mounting.
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