Epoxy Technology Offers Two New Products for High Power LED Applications

EPO-TEK® EK1000 and EPO-TEK® ED1003 Deliver Breakthrough Performance

Billerica, MA – October 24, 2008 – Epoxy Technology, a leading manufacturer of epoxy adhesives for over 40 years, is introducing two new products, EPO-TEK EK1000 and ED1003. These latest offerings in Epoxy’s extensive line of advanced performance adhesives have been specially formulated for use in high power light emitting diodes (LED) as die attach materials. EPO-TEK EK1000 and ED1003 deliver breakthrough performance in thermal management, with excellent mechanical reliability and ease of processing - all without the use of solvents. Both products are also ideally suited for use in many high power applications where high thermal conductivity is critical, such as Rf power amplifiers and solar modules.

“High performance epoxies can determine the success or failure of a product,” said Joan Bramer, Marketing Director, Epoxy Technology. “Epoxy Technology continues to combine its research and technical expertise to create innovative products to meet or exceed our customers’ high-performance requirements.”

EPO-TEK EK1000 combines outstanding thermal conductivity with excellent thermal and mechanical reliability for extended working life of the device. This innovative epoxy is a single component, silver- filled system formulated with a shiny finish to enhance device reflectivity. Due to its unique chemistry, this 100% solids system is suitable for use in various dispensing techniques.

EPO-TEK ED1003 has been specifically formulated with a Tg of 160OC for exceptional thermal stability and low die slippage. Increased manufacturing line efficiencies can be achieved with this single component, 28-day working life product. Additionally, as with EK1000, it has been formulated with a shiny finish for best possible device reflectivity.

For more information on the EPO-TEK EK1000 and ED1003 or any of Epoxy Technology products, please visit our website at: www.EPOTEK.com. Contact a member of our technical sales or customer service team at 800-227-2201.

About Epoxy Technology

Epoxy Technology, Inc., founded in 1966, is a pioneer in the development of specialty epoxies and polymers that meet the highest performance standards for high tech industries worldwide. Through product innovation, EPO-TEK continues to keep pace with evolving industries including semiconductor and microelectronics, medical devices, optical and aerospace. EPO-TEK is a registered trademark of Epoxy Technology, Inc.

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