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Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
To fill the voids and spaces of an electrical unit with a compound. (This does not imply complete fill or complete coating of the surfaces by a hole-free film).
In-Circuit Test
An electrical test of a PCB assembly in which each component is tested individually, even though many components are soldered to the PCB.
Index of Reftaction
( Also refractive index )The ratio of the velocity of light in free space to the velocity of light in a fiber material. Symbolized by n. Always greater than or equal to one.
Index-Matching Fluid
A fluid whose index of refraction nearly equals that of the fiber's core. Used to reduce Fresnel reflection at fiber ends. See also index-matching gel.
Index-Matching Gel
A gel whose index of refraction nearly equals that of the fiber's core. Used to reduce Fresnel reflection at fiber ends. See also index-matching fluid.
Inert Atmosphere
A gaseous atmosphere that is not conducive to chemical reactions, such as helium or nitrogen.
(IR) The invisible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum bounded by the long-wavelength extreme of the visible spectrum (about 0.7 um) and the shortest microwaves (about 1000 um). See also frequency, light.
( Indium gallium arsenide )Generally used to make high-performance long-wavelength detectors.
( Indium gallium arsenide phosphide ) Generally used for long-wavelength light emitters.
Injection Molded Boards
Printed circuit boards made by molding filler-reinforced resins into a desired shape. Routing and through hole metallizations are performed by seeding and plating, or by printing. An alternative approach is to transfer mold the interconnect directly onto the injection molded cards.
Insertion Loss
The loss of power that results from inserting a component, such as a connector or splice, into a previously continuous path.
Insulation Resistance
The ratio of the direct voltage applied to electrodes in contact with an epoxy system to the total current between them. It is dependent upon both the volume and surface resistance of the epoxy systems. ASTM D257¥ 61.
A class of materials that do not conduct electricity and are characterized by high resistivity.
Integrated Circuit
A microcircuit that consists of interconnected elements inseparably associated and formed in-situ on or within a single substrate, usually silicon, to perform an electronic circuit function.
The conductive path required to achieve connection from one circuit element to another.
The conductive path required to achieve a connection from a circuit element to the remainder of the circuit.
See infrared.
Instrument Society of America.
See integrated systems digital network.
international Standards Organization.
Isotropic Conductive Adhesive ( ICA )
Isotropic adhesives conduct electricity in all directions. This means the adhesive can be dispensed only on those areas (pads) where a circuit path is required (i.e., where bumps will attach).
Izod Impact Strength
A measure of the brittleness of a material. Brittle materials will have low izod impact values (.15 for example). Tough materials will have high izod impact strengths (.60 for example).
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