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G Giga
One billion.
( Gallium aluminum arsenide ) Generally used for short wavelength light emitters.
( Gallium arsenide ) Used in light emitters.
Gallon, U.S
A volume equal to 231 cubic inches measured at 25¡C. (77¡F).
( Gallium indium arsenide phosphide ) Generally used for long wavelength light emitters.
Gardner Color Scale
A system of color standards based upon stable solutions of ferric chloride used in the evaluation of resins, lacquers, oils and varnishes. The Gardner Scale can be correlated roughly with other color standards such as FAC, ASTM, NPA and Lovibond.
Ge Germanium
Generally used in detectors. Good for most wavelengths (e.g., 800-1600 nm).
The initial jelly-like solid phase that develops during the transition from a liquid to a solid. Note- In this state the epoxy is soft, flexible, and has no strength.ib
A matrix tray style feeder without pockets, that consists of a tacky gel over a mesh. The components are placed in a regular array on the tray and are held in place by the tacky gel. When picking components, vacuum is applied through the bottom of the tray, pulling the gel through the mesh and releasing the die.
(Gigahertz ) One billion Hertz (cycles per second) or 109 Hertz.
Glass Fiber
is the original FiberOptic material, and still the standard in communications technology. Glass fiber requires a large bend radius and is not easily field-terminated. Lightly Expressed does not typically use glass fiber. See Acrylic Fiber.
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
Approximate midpoint of the temperature range over which a material undergoes a phase change from brittle to rubbery or vice versa.
That property of the cured epoxy or any other material which causes it to reflect light.
Green Strength
The strength of a substance, joint, or assembly before it has been cured.
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