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FAQs - Quality Control

Our Quality Control department has many different types of instruments including:  DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA, Instron, Microscope, Refractometer, Shore A & D Durometers, FTIR, Hegman Particle Size Analysis, MicroFlash, Dionex, Dage, Various Ovens, Conductivity Analyzer, Microtrack, pH Meter, Viscometers, Volt Meters, Gardener Liquid Color Standards and Pyconmeter.

Many of the above tests are part of our standard lot acceptance testing.  Other tests may be performed as a lab service and for a fee.

We perform viscosity readings based on ASTM Test Method D2393 using a CPE 51 cone and plate on a Brookfield HBT viscometer.  The sample size is 0.55cc where the material is allowed to equilibrate for 6 minutes in a water bath set at 23°C +/- 0.1°C.

For additional information on viscosity measurements, please refer to our Epoxy Adhesive Application Guide:  files/brochures/pdfs/adhesive_application_guide.pdf

Our Quality Control Laboratory is an approved DSCC Certified Laboratory for performing military testing related to MIL-STD 883/5011 as well as ISO 9001:2008.

Epoxy Technology's basic guidelines for shelf life are as follows:

Room Temperature     23°C +/- 3°C

Refrigerator                  5°C +/- 3°C

Freezer                      -40°C +/- 3°C

Yes.  We perform 100% of incoming raw material inspection which includes every drum or container, even with the same lot numbers.

Epoxy Technology performs lot acceptance testing (LAR) on each batch of product.  Since we produce difference types of materials, the LAR testing is designated on each product data sheet with an asterisk.

Yes.  Our Quality Control department provides additional testing (pending approval) for a fee. 

Please contact our Customer Service department at (978) 667-3805 or customerservice@epotek.com for lab test pricing.

Yes.  We keep retains of each and every manufactured batch for one year.

Our average turn-around time is two weeks for a test that is not considered lot acceptance.  This is, however, a general guideline and can take longer depending on the product and test.

For additional product selection assistance,
tell us about your application and its specific design criteria and a technical service representative will contact you directly.
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