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No.  Epoxy Technology does not offer any products that have been approved for a UL94 V-0 rating.

If you have additional questions, please consult our Application Experts at (978) 667-3805 or techserv@epotek.com.

Yes.  See EPO-TEK Tech Tip 19:  files/Techtips/pdfs/tip19.pdf for some general guidelines.

If you have additional questions, please consult our Application Experts at (978) 667-3805 or techserv@epotek.com.

Yes, but we choose products by application first in addition to matching performance properties stated on competitors data sheets.  Please consult our Application Experts at (978) 667-3805 or techserv@epotek.com to discuss your specific requirements.

The main difference between the 2.5 W/mK and 29 W/mK thermal conductivity values listed on the data sheet for EPO-TEK H20E is test method. 

The first value of 2.5 W/mK was measured using our standard laser flash test equipment, in accordance with ASTM E1461.  This involves using a disk of material that is approximately 12.55mm in diameter and 1mm in thickness.  It provides a bulk property and does not reflect the actual performance of the material in a given assembly.

The second value, 29 W/mK, reflects actual measured circuit value from a power TO-18 device.  This was back calculated using the thermal resistance determined in the device with a 2mm x 2mm chip and a 75um bond line.

It may be settling of the filler which can be a common phenomenon.  Most of the time, the filler can be incorporated back in with some gentle mixing.  It is good practice to stir a filled system before each use to ensure the filler is evenly dispersed within the epoxy matrix before using.  A method for preventing this filler settling, is to store the closed epoxy container on a jar roller to keep the material evenly suspended within the system.

If you have additional questions, please consult our Application Experts at (978) 667-3805 or techserv@epotek.com.

For additional product selection assistance,
tell us about your application and its specific design criteria and a technical service representative will contact you directly.
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