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Frank W. Kulesza

Our Beginning

Epoxy Technology, Inc. was founded in 1966 by Frank W. Kulesza.  As a pioneer in the conductive adhesive industry, Frank sought to replace eutectic bonding in hybrid microelectronic assembly.

Combining his strong chemical engineering training at Northeastern University with his practical knowledge and experience at IBM, Frank formulated some of the world’s best known and most relied upon epoxy adhesives and readily shared his skills with EPO-TEK ® formulators of today.

Also a visionary, Frank took his company global from the beginning and travelled extensively in support of his novel products.  Applying his entrepreneurial spirit with technical and marketing savvy, Frank’s passion, his company grew , prospered and  gained worldwide recognition for its high quality adhesives and excellent reliability, as well as superior technical and customer service.

Our Present and Future

Now, as a second generation-owned business, the Kulesza family proudly carries on his tradition by continuing to provide value added “state-of-the art”  adhesive products, keeping pace with the ever changing needs of technologically demanding industries around the world.

Epoxy Technology produces a full range of premium epoxy adhesives, coatings and specialty UV adhesives for the semiconductor, optoelectronic, medical, automotive, aerospace and electronic assembly markets. 

Epoxy Technology also produces “custom” formulations,  applying when needed  new chemistries to meet the demands of unique or innovative application needs.


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    United States
    Date Event Booth Location
    02-09  to  02-11 MD&M West 624 Anaheim, CA
    03-22  to  03-24 OFC 2008 Anaheim, CA
    05-03  to  05-03 iMAPS New England Tabletop Boxborough, MA
    05-24  to  05-26 Int'l Microwave Symposium 2410 Phoenix, AZ
    05-24  to  05-26 SID 505 San Jose, CA
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    03-11  to  03-13 Endoscopy Symposium 055 Dusseldorf - Germany
    04-26  to  04-28 SMT Hybrid Packaging Hall 6, Nuremberg - Germany
    06-07  to  06-09 Optatec Hall 3.0 Frankfurt - Germany
    10-10  to  10-13 Bond Expo Stuttgart - Germany